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I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy at Easyfairs for 3 years. He quickly impressed me with his knowledge and passion for the event he represented. He immersed himself in the community which meant he could effortlessly create a marketing campaign that was completely bespoke to the engineering community. He is a complete joy to work with, always positive and full of creative ideas. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future. Alison Willis, Divisional Director, Industrial Group, Easyfairs

Jeremy is not afraid to try new avenues to boost sales and develop business. His personable style makes him easy to connect with and makes him a great team player. Clive Richardson, Chief Executive, Access Group

Jeremy has always impressed with his knowledge of marketing theory as well as an understanding of digital. He was the one who always checked activities back against the core strategic objectives so the team stayed on the right track. . . . he has always delivered! Ginny Hendricks, ScienceDirect, Elsevier

I worked very closely with Jeremy over 5 years at Easyfairs, and every day was an absolute pleasure! He is a highly intelligent, collaborative, and creative senior marketer and content specialist, excelling in gaining a deep understanding of the communities in which he works. Alison Church, Marketing Director, Easyfairs UK & Global

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